Artist Statement


    For the past thirty plus years I’ve been actively involved in artistic expression.  Performing an original one man show in venues associated with the arts and assisted living facilities has provided a therapeutic effect for my audience and myself.


    The Extravaganza is the name of my one man show with a lot of help. Influenced by the varied acts on a vaudeville program, my creative process necessitates the inclusion of an orchestra, dancers, and actors. I’ve constructed my show to be portable. It can vary in length of time, and appropriate in content for varied audiences.  


    My first poem, Junky, published by Coalesce Magazine 2014, took ten minutes to write, compared to There’s a Rebound that was a ten year project. Mr. Electric Bill Collector, written in 1990, took one hour to write. This is a poem that was birthed from a real incident and became the genesis of the independent film Lights Out! produced by Arthur Streeter 2000.


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